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Here is a post dedicated to those who have contributed a podcast in order it was broadcast.



This weekend we invite you to tune in to the “24 Hour Live PodCast for Hurricane Sandy.”

On Saturday November 24th beginning at 12noon ET,  some of your favorite podcasters will come together to support the Sandy relief effort with 24 hours of entertainment.

You’ll hear from Ben Glieb of ‘Last Week on Earth’, Mike Zapcic & Ming Chen from “I Sell Comics”, Greg Proops of “The Smartest Man in the World”, Kelly Carlin from “Waking from the American Dream”…just to name a few!

The funds raised through this event will be donated to two great organizations helping those affected by the hurricane: Staten Strong and the Hurricane Sandy New Jersey Relief Fund.

To learn more and to donate, please visit the 24 Hour Podcast for Hurricane Sandy site.

So whether you are out shopping, at home heating up leftover, you can tune in LIVE on Stitcher all day Saturday!

Thanks to TritonDigital for donating bandwidth for the broadcast.

Be sure to follow the event on Twitter at @24HourPod4Sandy for updates and more info.

Thank you in advance for all your support!


I just wanted to thank all those who have been showing interest and taking part of this project. 
I also just wanted to let you know that the date of this even will be pushed back a week. The new date that is set will be 11-24 at 12pm. 
This is for a few reasons that are listed below…
  • Being that this is such a big project, Stitcher Radio as well as Triton Digital feel it would be best if they both had another week to market this out to both of the respective networks.
  • Also, being that Triton is providing the Bandwidth and the Live Stream for me to add to Stitcher, there is particular software I need from them to make stream work. It turns out the software only works via a PC and I own two Macs. So they are figuring out a workaround that will be taken care of shortly.
  • The feedback on this by fellow podcasters has been amazing thus far and the pods are trickling in. There are a few who were not able to make the Friday deadline, so this also gives them more time and also for me to be able to reach out to a few other podcasters.
I apologize for the change of date, but this is the best option in order to get the word fully out and be able to raise the most funds possible. If you could also get the word out via twitter of the date change, that would be greatly appreciated.
If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out.

Date Is Set - NOV 17 (12PM) to NOV 18 

I am very happy to announce that everything has been set and ready to go in regards to the live stream. As you know, Stitcher Radio has graciously offered to carry the live stream as well as promote this fundraiser. Triton Digital has also donated bandwidth services in order to help this cause.

The date of 24 Hour Podcastathon For Sandy will be NOV 17 to NOV 18, starting 12pm.

The Mission Statement - “24 Hour Live PodCastathon for Hurricane Sandy”


I’m trying to assemble a few of the top podcasters around, in order to have a “24 Hour Live PodCastathon for Hurricane Sandy”. The podcasters would not particularly be all in same room, but an hour or two per podcast via there podcast studio.

Through this, I hope to raise funds to those whose life’s were decimated due to Hurricane Sandy. The money raised through this, will be donated between New York & New Jersey in order to directly help the ones whom immediately need it most. 

I feel that Podcasting is not only great entertainment but also a way to reach the masses and spread the word. So if you are a fan of podcasts or a podcaster and would like to help to make this happen, please pass this page along to your favorite Podcast/ers

Also, if you have a Twitter account, please hashtag #24HourPod4Sandy

Thank You

(Source: twitter.com)

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